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Our administrators have extensive experience with Microsoft Windows, and Solaris desktop and embedded systems and can provide custom system deployment services. We routinely provide administration support for various Linux system services including web servers, firewalls, mail servers, and NFS servers. Our administrators also provide custom programming support ranging from kernel drivers to application support.

Continued operations support is needed well beyond systems design to ensure the system is effectively and efficiently managed, operated and maintained. Shiva offers a variety of operations and support capabilities to help you achieve these tasks. These capabilities cover both the internal aspects of your IT operations, such as making sure upgrades to your desktops are timely and consistent, as well as your external needs, such as taking over the nuts and bolts of operations.

System operation and support is part of an IT investment: software upgrades are inevitable and necessary; new employees will need training on the system; performance must be monitored and conditions requiring intervention identified. The business solutions we develop are based on the realities of communications and network technologies - and supported from the day the systems are installed. Once the systems are in place, our experienced staff is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer questions or solve problems. Shiva can provide the IT operations and support that your organization needs - allowing your business to focus entirely on serving your customers.

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